June 29, 2012

Turn Me on, Dammit! (Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, 2012)  3.5/4

Alma is 15 years old and only thinks about 3 things, sex, sex, and sex. Her overpowering hormones and fantasies that interrupt her at all parts of the day consume her. If Alma even glances at someone she instantly begins to fantasies about them. Trying to function in public with her peers, Alma goes to a party where all her friends and her crush are. When Alma steps out for some air, Artur follows close behind. While leaning against the house staring into each other’s eyes, Artur leans over and pokes his penis against Alma’s leg (yes, you read that correctly). After the “push” of love, Artur puts himself away and steps back inside. Puzzled by what just occurred, Alma tells her closest friends what happened. Not believing her they ask Artur who instantly denies the accusation. Everyone immediately begins to make fun of Alma who goes from miss popular to the social outcast of the town. Her peers ignore her and call her “dick Alma”. As the ridicule gets worse, Alma attempts to control her overly sexual mind and her wish to leave her town behind,

Turn Me On, Dammit is a brilliant coming of age sex teen comedy. That’s a lot of different genres thrown into one but really, it’s so well written and everything flows wonderfully. The characters are hilarious and all have this little tick about them that makes them stand out against the rest. Yes, there is nudity (male & female) throughout the film but it feels so subtle and natural. The sexuality throughout the film is slightly awkward because of the fact that all the characters are 15 or 16 but honestly I feel that made me relate to it more because I remember those mind-fucking years. The dialogue in the film is just great. I loved the way all the characters spoke and carried themselves; really, they all had so much spirit. Getting to watch a teen girls social life spiral out of control and the awkward moments between mother and daughter were too perfect.

What makes this film so fresh is the fact that it treats sexuality as a normal natural thing to go through, not a problem. Yes, the film makes the sexual scenes funny but that’s really just because it reminds us of our own sexual awakenings. Another great feature of the film is how it’s focused around a girl. Boys are always the ones that are introduced as sex crazed animals, it felt nice to see the tables turned. Turn Me On, Dammit! will make you laugh and cringe at the same time, not because it’s graphic, but because it’s true.